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Here at Shannan Leigh Home, you’ll find the things that make up our life and home. I hope this space inspires you the way others have inspired me. I hope it sparks an idea in you when you’re dreaming up your own spaces, or when you’re feeling stuck. I hope it encourages you to get up and do something creative.

A photographer of all things life & love. Dog mama to two tiny pups that have my whole heart, and married to my best friend of 13 years. Together, we share a little house on Lemon St.

I’m Shannan Leigh.

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After 3+ months of quarantine we were feeling pretty blah. I thought that tackling some big messes in our house would leave us feeling a little more refreshed, and it totally did! I’m sharing the complete and total overhaul of our “junk closet” and how we went from this before, to this after! I took […]

July 3, 2020


Organizing Our Hall Closet

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